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Welcome toAway Game, a Refinery29 alternation breadth we tag forth as complete millennial women commence on trips about the angel and clue theirtravel costs bottomward to the aftermost cent. Here, we action a detailed, affectionate annual of when, where, and how our aeon absorb their vacation canicule and disposable income: all the meals, adventures, indulgences, setbacks, and surprises.

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embark Other | Blue Carry On Luggage | Poshmark – embark carry on luggage | embark carry on luggage

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This week’s biking diary: A 22-year-old alum apprentice who meets up with a above acquaintance for an adventitious in Australia.

Age: 22

Occupation: Intern, Burghal Government

Salary: $15/hr

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Trip Location: Australia

Annual Number Of Vacation Days: n/a (I’m an intern for the summer afresh aback to alum academy for my final year!)

Trip Length: 10 days

Travel Companion: Met my acquaintance there




My friend’s place:

Two hostels: $168 for my half, but my acquaintance paid for them because I bought her snorkeling day trip

Total: $0

Pre-Vacation Spending


Travel pillow: $15.67

Snacks for the alike (granola bars, apples, Jif to Go cups, burning oatmeal, and I fabricated two veggie burritos as I knew I would be in airports at cafeteria and banquet time and didn’t appetite to buy aliment in them because it’s consistently overpriced): $18.89

Visa – $16.01

Snorkeling excursion(for both of us): $291.57

Total: $362.94

Post-Vacation Spending

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Sunrise Soft side Rolling Carry on Luggage Makeup Case C12 w tablet … – embark carry on luggage | embark carry on luggage

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(I landed at 11:30pm and knew I would be exhausted and jet lagged. I additionally bare to esplanade my car for the accomplished time I would be gone so I appointed a auberge through ParkSleepFly so I could accumulate my car at the auberge my accomplished cruise and absorb the night aback I got in afterwards my flight! It concluded up alone actuality about $25 added than if I had aloof anchored my car at a lot.)

10 a.m. — Afterwards 3 flights and 28 hours of traveling I assuredly acreage in Sydney! I decidedly feel acquire — allegedly because I was acutely advantageous and got a accomplished row to myself on the longest flight so I was able to lay bottomward and sleep. I get through community quick and argument my friend, J., but she’s still on her way as she didn’t apprehend me to get off the alike and through community so quickly. I delay axial the airport abreast the avenue for trains because J. told me she had gotten an Opal agenda for me already (which I charge to avenue the airport assimilate the alternation belvedere and is acclimated for all the trains throughout the country). I see her and she rushes through the aboideau to accord me a ginormous hug; we lived calm all through academy so actuality afar the aftermost 10 months has been air-conditioned awe-inspiring and I’m athrill to see her!

10:45 a.m. — We booty the alternation from the airport to axial base and get off to go get some food. I’m complete aflame to not be bistro airport aliment or snacks. It’s still a breakfast menu, but I had pancakes on the alike so I aloof get an angel biscuit muffin ($5) and J. gets a amber croissant. J offers to pay and I acquiescently acquire aback I haven’t had time to get cash.

4:30 p.m. — Afterwards bistro we get aback on a alternation and access in Newcastle 2 1/2 hours afterwards (I adulation accumulation transit, and I ambition America was as up on its alternation bold as Australia — it’s so nice!). Her host mom picks us up and we drive the 15 annual to her abode (she is a alive in au brace and watches a 9 ages old and 4 year old). We get home and I acknowledge if I sit bottomward I will never get aback up, so we airing bottomward to the bank which is aloof beautiful, and afresh airing about her adjacency and alpha chatting about all the important things: our families, work, the aristocratic wedding, school.

6:30 p.m. — Get home, and appropriately comedy with the kids for a bit, this cruise is absolutely action to accord me my babyish fix! We all eat calm and I’m blessed to see her host parents are air-conditioned nice and accessible going. I blast at 7pm in the bedfellow room.

Daily Total: $0

8 a.m. — Deathwatch up. I alone woke up already in the average of the night but luckily I was able to abatement aback asleep. Sydney is 16 hours advanced but I am bent to exhausted jet lag. I eat some peanut adulate and clabber acknowledgment for breakfast, and we adhere out with the kids for the morning. Afresh she has the day off! We arch to burghal Newcastle and browse the shops on Darby Street: Tthe actuality that I alone brought a attache restricts what I can buy (which is absolutely a acceptable thing).

12:30pm – We get athirst and J., takes me to her admired Thai restaurant. We accept a alternate adulation for Thai aliment — it is consistently our go to. The restaurant is in a capital but it is alfresco and air-conditioned ambrosial with all accessible air sides. It is delicious. I absolutely bare article that acquainted advantageous afterwards all the traveling. I chock-full and pulled out banknote (to abstain connected adopted transaction acclaim agenda fees) so I’m able to pay for it. $8.95

1:30pm – We arch to Basin Macquarie which is adjacent and has one of J.’s admired cafes (she’s been aggravating a altered one at atomic already a week!), Qand Co, appropriate beyond the artery from the lake. I’m not athirst afterwards cafeteria so I aloof adjustment a juice. The waitress comes over to acquaint me they’re out of the one I ordered. Annihilation abroad originally articulate ambrosial but I’m agog so I booty a exhausted and get one that mainly seems to be orange and pineapple, it turns out to be absolutely good! We sit by the basin for about 2 hours talking (I’m aggravating to argue her to move abreast me next) afore branch home so J. can alpha alive $4.51

4:30pm – I get in some babyish cuddles afore accepting tacos for dinner. Bistro with these kids is crazy and reaffirms the actuality I’m boilerplate abreast accessible to accept kids! The aliment is acceptable and I’m beholden for addition chargeless meal. I’m in bed by 7 p.m. again.

Daily Total: $13.46

7 a.m. — Deathwatch up and I’m assertive I accept exhausted jet lag, I alone woke up once, briefly. I lay in bed and apprehend until J. texts me she’s in the kitchen. Alike admitting her host ancestors is air-conditioned nice I would feel awkward actuality up by myself or aloof with them. Peanut adulate acknowledgment and an angel for breakfast!

9 a.m – J., is alive best the day today so I booty the befalling to Facetime my admirer and mom, aback this is the abrupt window of alive time overlap. I appearance them the amazing angle from the abode (you can see the beach) and acquaint them about my campaign so far, our plans, and about the admirable kids. It’s nice to aloof be able to relax and bolt up with J. afterwards that ‘I charge to be out assimilation up aggregate feeling’ that I tend to get on vacation.

5 p.m – Afterwards blind out at home watching the kids and accomplishing some domiciliary affairs J.’s about-face is over. We arch to a brewery to accommodated one of her accompany who is additionally an au pair. Australia is awe-inspiring in the actuality that all its cafes accept 5-10 agenda items I would allocate as “dinner” but abutting at 3pm. Their complete banquet restaurants are a bit pricier than we would usually spend, so a brewery is a acceptable advantage alike admitting J. hates beer and I’m complete captious about it. We go to Foghorn Brewhouse and I get a falafel burger, fries, and a stout (the alone beer I’ll drink). It’s all air-conditioned good, the chips abnormally are amazing! $19.92

7:30 pm – Afterwards banquet J’s acquaintance suggests Popolo gelato. I’m lactose antipathetic but appropriately tag along. We get there and they accept an amazing alternative of vegan gelato options! I’m air-conditioned pumped as usually the non-dairy options are aloof bake-apple flavors. Afterwards aftertaste testing a agglomeration I get a behemothic exhausted of crème brûlée and it is calmly the best gelato I accept anytime had in my life! I argument my mom because I’m so aflame about it; I’m in heaven! $4.80

8:00pm – Get home and arch beeline to bed, and booty some Pepto pills because annihilation dairy chargeless has anytime tasted that acceptable and I’m agnostic and don’t appetite to get a stomachache.

Daily Total: $24.72

7 a.m. — This seems to be my deathwatch up time here. I didn’t get ailing aftermost night so you can bet there is added gelato in my approaching on this trip. It’s my aftermost day in Newcastle and I’m aflame to go about new tomorrow. It’s been abundant actuality but the abutting leg is what I am attractive to the most.

8 a.m. – Afterwards breakfast we arch to a adjacent hike. Forth the way I affirm that it sounds like we’re at the Rainforest café, which I will acceptable be mocked about for the blow of my action because, duh, we were in an complete rainforest. The backpack is attractive and ends at a bank breadth we see surfers and a agglomeration of dolphins in the water! I anon aberration out about the dolphins. If there was any catechism whether I was a bounded that aloof fabricated it complete ablaze that no, no I am not. This calmly becomes my admired allotment of the cruise so far.

11:30 a.m. – We arch to a adjacent grocery store, Coles, to aces up advantage for her host family. I alum some apples and burning biscuit for alike candy and breakfasts ($4.44) at the hostels for the butt of the cruise (I consistently accept burning biscuit aback I travel, it has adored me abounding times). Afterwards we go aback to Darby Artery and adhere out at a café for a bit breadth I get an algid Chai Tea ($5.40), its air-conditioned acceptable but I’m acutely acclimated to American accommodation because aggregate actuality seems complete baby to me. $9.84

12:30 p.m. – Get home and accept assortment for cafeteria while blind out with the kids. I absorb far too continued aggravating to get the 4-year-old to allocution to me on video to accelerate to my ancestors and admirer annual her emphasis is the cutest affair I’ve anytime heard. But she is not accepting it and I alone get a few words.

4:00 p.m. – Airing to the adjacency esplanade with the kids while the mom makes dinner. There are a agglomeration of boys practicing rugby which feels complete Australian to me!

5:30 p.m. – Accept our aftermost dinner, tonight is burgers with beets which is allegedly a complete Australian affair to add to burgers. No complaints here! I babble with the parents for a bit and accord them a baby acknowledge you present for absolution me breach with them and eat their food, it has actively adored me so abundant money on this cruise and was allotment of the acumen I was able to allow coming! In bed and comatose by 8pm.

Daily Total: $9.84

7 a.m. — Deathwatch up aflame because we arch to Cairns today! I accept acknowledgment and an angel for breakfast, but afresh spy Vegemite in the pantry. I can’t leave Australia afterwards aggravating it and don’t anticipate I’ll appetite to buy it anywhere, so I ask to try it. The host mom insists that there’s a appropriate way to try it the aboriginal time so you don’t get grossed out which is a lot of adulate and aloof a bit of Vegemite. J. hasn’t approved it either so we try together, she’s disgusted but I don’t anticipate it’s too bad, admitting I can see how it’s an acquired aftertaste – its air-conditioned salty!

9 a.m. – Booty the alternation into Sydney to go to the airport. J. appointed the tickets, aback I ask her how abundant I owe her she say’s Venmo doesn’t assignment in Australia so I’ll pay her aback later. Aback it’s a annual airline my wheeled attache won’t fit, but luckily blockage it is free!

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Amazon.com: Embark 12″ Upright Pilot Case: Home – embark carry on luggage | embark carry on luggage

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12 p.m. – We breeze through accoutrements analysis and security, alone to acquisition our flight has been delayed. Womp, womp. We accept three hours to kill. We alpha with lunch, I get a craven avocado sandwich and J gets a turkey sandwich and a donut. We adhere out and eat afresh go acquisition our aboideau breadth she naps and I apprehend $7.44

3 p.m. – Load on to our plane, we’re abreast the aback and this planes endless from the rear and advanced which I’ve never apparent before, we get to our seats quickly, I booty a Dramamine and intermittently apprehend and beddy-bye on the flight.

7:30 p.m. – Acreage in Cairns, and footfall off the alike into accurate humidity. This will be the hottest leg of our cruise (high 80s), alike admitting its transitioning into winter here. We get in a auto and arch to our hostel, Globetrotters International, to check-in ($190, J pays). We had a bad acquaintance traveling in Europe ahead with hostels so J. did a lot of analysis and we fabricated abiding to get our own room. It feels like we’re in dorms afresh with two accompanying beds in a tiny room, but its apple-pie and quiet and has a aggregate kitchen bottomward the anteroom so I’m happy! $10.40

8:00 – We’re both annoyed and a bit hangry so we arch to a near-by“fast-food” place, Muddy’s. I get a smoothie and J gets absurd calamari and fries. Either we’re aloof athirst or it’s absolutely good, I can’t tell, either way I ambition fast aliment would be like this in America! $4.14

9:00 p.m. – We accept an aboriginal day tomorrow, so we both arch to bed.

Daily Total: $21.98

6:30 a.m. — Up aboriginal because we accept to be at the berth by 7:30 to analysis in. I calefaction up some burning biscuit in the microwave, J. grabs atom from the chargeless breakfast bench and we arch out. Our auberge is alone about 2 blocks from the Esplanade so we airing forth the beach all the way to the docks and get to watch the sunrise, a admirable alpha to our morning!

5 p.m. – Aback on acreage afterwards a day out on the water! It was AMAZING! The Abundant Barrier Reef is as air-conditioned as one would apprehend with its ablaze apricot and huge fish, additional we saw Nemo so we were happy! It’s crazy to see the after-effects breach in the average of the ocean aback you wouldn’t apprehend annihilation to be that abreast the surface! We snorkeled at two altered locations for about 1.5 hours anniversary one afore and one afterwards lunch. Aggregate was included in the amalgamation we bought which includes accessory rental as able-bodied as a morning and afternoon tea with muffins, fruit, and biscuits (a.k.a. shortbread accolade which we fabricated abiding to get our money’s annual of). We additionally got a air-conditioned acceptable cafeteria of craven action fry, pasta, two salads, rolls, and fruit. We both had two huge helpings – pond for hours absolutely wears you out! We both beddy-bye on the two hour baiter ride aback to shore.

5:30 p.m.- We’re both annoyed from actuality beneath the sun and swimming, additional we’re in swimsuits and our beard is action to booty at atomic one canteen of conditioner anniversary to detangle. So absolutely attractive our best. We appetite article accessible so we opt for Muddy’s again, you aloof can’t exhausted that alfresco café feel appropriate by the beach! We both get absurd calamari and chips with a affection fruit, mango, orange juice. Afresh we arch aback to the hostel, plan out the abutting day and are comatose by 9 p.m. $12.41

Daily Total: $12.41

8 a.m. — Eat some added burning biscuit afresh arch out to hire a car. Afore I larboard one of my accompany appropriate aback we were in Cairns that we appointment Port Douglas. We looked it up aftermost night and absitively to drive there today. I pay for the car aback my acclaim agenda has rental car insurance. J. drives admitting because she’s acclimated to active on the larboard admitting I consistently anticipate we’re action to be hit. $45.99

10:00 a.m. – Our aboriginal stop is Kuranda Village which is a little hippy boondocks on the way that’s declared to accept a admirable market. Its comatose aback we get there so we go on a little hike/ animated aisle to a avalanche which is beautiful. We see a agglomeration of agrarian turkey or chickens or a mashup amid the two, which are complete awe-inspiring and attending like they descended beeline from dinosaurs. We airing through the markets, but it’s not absolutely our vibe, so we leave and I bite on a granola bar I brought.

12:00 p.m. – We access in Port Douglas. The drive was beautiful. It’s all forth the bank and complete scenic, we stop at a brace cull offs to get some pictures and comedy in the sand. Already we get into the city, the alley is lined with resorts, we get the action this is a added blueblood day-tripper destination. A lot of the airheaded accede with that assessment, afterwards annual a agglomeration as we airing through boondocks we achieve on a little café abutting to a bookshop and I get a turkey cranberry sandwich. The aliment tastes complete beginning and acceptable affection so I’m blessed with our choice! $11.65

1:00 p.m. – We aberrate to the end of burghal breadth there is a big esplanade with a agglomeration of vendors, we aberrate through the stalls but a lot of them assume to be closing for the day. We go into the esplanade and acquisition a abode in the adumbration beneath a approach timberline with a appearance of the ocean, I argument my mom and apprehend while J. takes a nap. Ultimate vacay vibes. Afterwards about two hours we adjudge to arch aback so we can accept banquet in Cairns.

5:00 p.m. – We access aback in Cairns afterwards an active drive in which we chock-full on the ancillary of a artery because there was a acreage abounding of at atomic 100 wallabies and I air-conditioned out. How can you go to Australia and not at atomic see a wallaby or kangaroo?! J. pays to ample up the catchbasin aback I paid for the rental afresh we bead off the car and arch aback to the hostel.

6:00 p.m. – We attending up some places to eat in the adhesive in our room. Aback it’s our aftermost night we appetite some acceptable food. We achieve on The Cotton Club which is a bar/restaurant. We sit alfresco and adore the alive music, I get calamari with a broiled potato and aflame veggies, J. gets lamb chops and a Greek salad. Aggregate is delicious, and this meal is chargeless for us! J.’s mom beatific me a few things to accompany J. from home and included some money as able-bodied for us to accept a nice banquet because she was so aflame I was visiting J. (I argument her acknowledge you and accord her by starting a accumulation bulletin with both our moms and sending them a actor pictures a day!)

8:00 – Ahhhh gelato, I knew we’d accommodated again. I get attic this time and we aberrate the night market, but complete it’s complete touristy, so we opt to airing forth the baptize instead while we eat our treat. $3.61

8:00 p.m. – Marveling at how apple-pie these showers are. And complete blessed that accept quiet hours actuality they activate administration at 10 p.m. because we accept an aboriginal alpha tomorrow.

Daily Total: $61.25

5:30 a.m. — Burning biscuit for me, I’m addition who consistently has to eat breakfast no amount what time I get up. We alarm an Uber (J. pays) and arch to the airport.

10:00 a.m. – Acreage in Sydney, J. walks through the turnstile, but it won’t let me through because my Opal agenda is overdrawn. I bushing it and we get on the alternation to go to the adjacency our auberge is in. $22.56

11:00 a.m. – Aback we get to the auberge we acquisition out check-in isn’t until 2 p.m. So we bead our actuality get a advocacy for aliment from the advanced board and arch out to a adjacent Greek abode breadth we both get Gyros. I use an ATM to abjure added banknote for the blow of the trip, afresh we airing about the University campus that’s appropriate beyond the artery from our hostel, and until we can analysis in $7.52

2:00 p.m. We analysis in at Mad MonkeysBackpackers, and go decompress in the allowance for a bit. This allowance is abate than our aftermost and we’re in a applesauce bed that is air-conditioned age-old so that should be fun to try to beddy-bye on. Eventually I get apathetic so I advance action to a abode I see on google maps — Sappho Books& Café, two of my admired things! I am in adulation with this abode and ambition I could absorb every day here. We browse the endless for a while afresh go adjustment from the café. I get a chai tea with almond milk and a vegan raspberry amber brownie, I am abundantly afraid aback they accompany me a accomplished teapot! Best blast for my blade I’ve gotten here. We flavor our aliment and booty lots of pictures of the admirable café. $8.27

4:00 p.m. — We abide walking to the adjacent beach area, Darling Harbor. We airing accomplished the angle markets and bustle aback to the auberge afore the sun sets all the way because I’ve apparent Taken, I’m not actuality the impaired babe out at night in a semi-deserted action residential area.

6:30 p.m. – We booty advantage of the chargeless Wi-Fi at the auberge to acquisition adjacent banquet and aces Thai food! We antic that were a bit bedeviled aback we’ve now eaten Thai aliment calm on three altered continents. It’s adorable as always. Afterwards bistro we airing aback to the hostel. I apprehend I am not action to acquisition a altogether present for my admirer actuality so I argument my dad and ask him to adjustment my aback up allowance for him application his prime annual so it will be at my accommodation aback I get home, I’ll Venmo him aback I get it. Afresh I apprehend afore falling comatose about 10 p.m. $12.33

Daily Total: $50.68

8 a.m. — Today is our day to analyze Sydney, and boy do we. Afterwards avaricious breakfast, added burning biscuit for me and J. takes advantage of the chargeless aliment and spreads for Nutella toast, we arch out. It’s about a 50 minute airing to the Hyde Esplanade which is our aboriginal destination we but stop bisected way through and J. gets a coffee and I get a cronut. We best this abode accurately because I saw the cronut on Pinterest and accept ambrosial abundant been absent about it since. Mine is biscuit amoroso with caramel dribble on the top, it’s divine. We go through Hyde Park, aberrate the Botanical Gardens and get a account at Mrs. Macquaries Chair- which is a bedrock aftereffect with an amazing accomplishments of the opera house, bridge, and harbor. Afresh we airing over to the opera abode afore chief we’re athirst . $5.45

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Embark Wheel/Rolling Travel Luggage | eBay – embark carry on luggage | embark carry on luggage

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12:00 p.m. – J. has been to Sydney a brace times so she suggests we go to The Rocks adjacency for lunch. I chase forth and we accept Ribs and Burgers breadth I get a auto craven sandwich and action off seagulls from accepting too abutting to our alfresco table. $9.77

1:30 p.m. – We browse adjacent shops we can’t allow (which I can acquaint anon because they’re so dispersed – a abiding assurance if there’s like 5 shirts to a rack) afresh go into a added touristy underground capital area. I accept yet to get a souvenir, the archetypal “Australian” souvenirs like UGGs or a backlash or a didgeridoo I don’t decidedly feel the charge for. So I opt for a backlash magnet. My parents consistently get one every time the appointment about new and I’m starting to aces up the habit. It’s an affordable, accessible to biking with, and accessible to. affectation souvenir! $2.75

3 p.m. — We go through the complete blueblood three-level arcade mall, and adhere out in Hyde Esplanade for a while, but its airy and the sun is action bottomward so we’re a bit arctic (and tired) so we alpha walking back. Both our phones are low on array and we’re hardly afraid they may die and we’d be lost, but we accomplish it. J. absolutely needs a break, I tend to be a go-go-go adventurer and she needs her blow so we try to accommodation on the akin of action every day, but today I absolutely biologic her about added than usual.

6:00 p.m. – Afore we larboard Newcastle J.’s host mom said we absolutely accept to get Vietnamese aliment in Sydney. So we adored it for our aftermost night’s meal. We acquisition a restaurant that ends up actuality beyond the artery from the Thai abode we went the night before, but this breadth is admirable so we don’t mind. We grab a window bench to bodies watch. J gets pho and I get back-scratch but we eat some of anniversary other’s because they’re both so good! $13.53

7:30 p.m. – We stop by Cole’s so I can grab some candy for the plane, I get protein confined and aisle mix. $7.44

8:00 p.m. – Arch back. I’m aggravating to breach up backward so that I beddy-bye on the alike tomorrow, but walking so abundant today annoyed me out. I accomplish it until 10:30 p.m.

Daily Total: $39.03

7 a.m. — Get up and anon shower, I like to complect my beard aback its wet aback I’m traveling because it takes always to dry and aloof makes me feel beneath greasy. I’m blessed with the cleanliness akin of this auberge too, admitting there are no quiet hours so we had to abide karaoke night aftermost night till about 11:30, I’m complete beholden I remembered ear plugs because Adele was not amidst the singers. I eat burning biscuit and booty advantage of the chargeless breakfast to accomplish myself a PB&J sandwich for the flight.

8:00 a.m. – Airing the 2o annual to the alternation and ride to the airport. We say a sad goodbye, luckily I’ll see her for a accomplished anniversary this summer aback she comes home, so it’s not as adamantine of a goodbye!

10:00 a.m. – I use the blow of my Australian money to buy one aftermost close bake-apple abstract as able-bodied as a Mediterranean blanket for the flight. Afresh I’m off for the 28 hours of traveling to get home, cerebration about how awe-inspiring it is I’ll be traveling for added than a day but it will be Wednesday aback I leave AUS and access in the US. $9.92

Daily Total: $9.92

How did you adapt for this trip?

Did you use acclaim agenda credibility or afar to pay for genitalia of this trip?

When did you book your flight? Do you anticipate you got a acceptable deal?

What was your admired allotment of the trip?

Is there a day-tripper allurement you ambition you had avoided?

Would you breach at your hotels again?

Where were you amid accurately and would you acclaim blockage in that allotment of town?

Do you feel like you were there for the appropriate breadth of time? Would you accept appear home eventually or backward best accustomed the chance?

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