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This sales abstracts recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation was provided by Black Knight Inc. For advice about added residential absolute acreage transactions, appointment go to

Travel News: Monthly Travel update | HN Consulting - avel news

Travel News: Monthly Travel update | HN Consulting – avel news | avel news

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Bealle Hill Rd., 15402-Visiono Investments Corp. to Lauren Pheon Williams, $318,500.

Holly Way, 16812-Jonathan Johnson to Eva B. Grant, $219,000.

Livingston Rd., 15615-Adnan A. Khan to Eleuterio and Cecilia A. Siles, $215,000.

Mossy Green Way, 2012-Deon D. and Vivian A. Swann to Joseph I. and Cassandra J. Short, $455,000.


Chillum Rd., 814-Pedro Urias to Miguel Angel Diaz Hernandez and Maria Elizabeth Escobar, $15,000.

Higbee Rd., 2615-Melissa Taylor to Nilo Santana Franklin V. Santana, Maybelin Santana and Valdimir F. Santana, $350,000.

Ruatan St., 2124-JES International Corp. to Ever and Jose Avel Chavez, $179,000.

14th Ave., 8403-Efrem and Lenssa Tolessa to Ana G. Sanchez De Portillo, Alex Portillo and Jose E. Canales Gonzales, $345,000.

18th Ave., 7405-Isamu Nagata to Aida Hernandez, $50,000.


Aquasco Rd., 19404-Bank of America to Andrew and Laureen Ford, $243,000.


Brickyard Blvd., 12721-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Diana C. Sanchez and Kevin Tariq Juman Yassin, $469,268.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11334, No. II-J-Claire E. Lenihan to Ovrang R. Sohrabi, $40,000.

Greenmount Ave., 13118-Suranga D. Silva to Behailu B. Rekera and Tsion G. Adinew, $387,500.

Howard Rd., 4215-Erika M. Buck to Nixon A. Gutierrez and Xenia Y. Cruz De Gutierrez, $315,000.

Naples Ave., 4525-Eoanna Harlepas and the acreage of Demetrios I. Harlepas to Diego J. Dominguez, $287,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 4814-Aurora E. Cruz and Olga L. Rojas to Ramon Velasquez and Celia M. Robles, $285,000.

Sellman Rd., 4403-Dianne Grimes and the acreage of John Richard Klim II to John Asaka, $205,000.

Wicomico Ave., 4812-C2S Corp. to Cecerio A. and Tia M. Quiah, $435,000.


Taussig Rd., 5435-Debra Richard to Juan B. Sorto Almendares and Brenda E. Quintanilla Lazo, $275,000.


Albatross Ct., 7301-Densil and Janette Neufville to Adnan and Saima Timothy, $510,000.

Bentley Lane, 12907-Robert H. and Laverne Smith to William Jopesh Gleason Jr. and Rachana Tomer, $345,000.

Clearfield Dr., 12600-Richard V. Yankowsky to Dana O. Spureon and Linda S. Wight, $335,000.

Driscoll Dr., 8407-Melrose V. Paris to Garreth L. Fearon and Brittany Gain Thomas, $400,000.

Gamma Ct., 14104-Matthew C. and Amanda R. Wirth to Manuel A. Pelayo De Gongora and Liuba D. Pupo Ortega, $420,000.

Grendel Pl., 6417-William L. and Leonora B. Johnson to Keith W. and Annette P. Morris, $424,900.

Killian Lane, 12600-Brian M. and Stephanie N. Henshaw to Dawn Anna Bunn, $332,000.

Landons Bequest Lane, 5011-William J.E. Vaughan Jr. and Sarah G. Vaughan to David J. and Ellen E. Dargenzio, $685,000.

Morning Glory Trail, 4601-Constance Jackson to Lakeisha N. McKinley, $323,000.

Quilt Patch Lane, 12202-Vivessia Avent to Eric M. Rogstad, $317,000.

Rocky Spring Lane, 4800-Stacey Ann A. Ones to Christopher H. and Sophie B. Lyman, $340,000.

Valiant Trce., 4502-Ganiat A. Aiyegoro to Julius Babatunde Ilori, $470,000.

Whitehall Dr., 12105-Sean and Kimberly A. Connolly to Robert K. Poakwa and Karen R. Cameron, $425,000.

Woodmore North Blvd., 12601-Capital One Bank to Orlando D. and Adrienne M. Smith, $635,000.

12th St., 13105-Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust to Min and Fei Min Zhang, $374,325.


Appleton Terr., 15803-Anthony A. and Sheryl A. Durnbaygh to Glenn Alfred Tazylor, $365,000.

Early Glow Lane, 3820-Wells Fargo Bank to Sreekanth C. Rajagopal, $217,000.

Elkhorn Lane, 16511-Brennen A. Thomas to Gisele D. Djontu, $290,000.

Euro Ct., 16405-Brandon E. and Lindsay B. Beckham to Charles L. Bradley, $355,000.

Nemo Ct. N., 15503-Shahid and Parveen Hussain to Sara Ali, $229,900.

Pennington Lane, 1313-Rosemary S. and William Whitson to Jeremi L. and Tina L. Mathis, $305,000.

Perrell Lane, 1524-Lisa A. Weidenbush to Ana Elizabeth Rosa and Reina Lizama, $354,900.

Pinelake Lane, 1509-Michael T. Daly to Sostenes Cordero Vasquez, $320,000.


Chadds Ford Dr., 7011-Federal National Mortgage Association to Keianna McCollum, $264,000.

General Lafayette Blvd., 15222-D.R. Horton Inc. to Denitrices E. Scott, $310,000.

General Lafayette Blvd., 15418-D.R. Horton Inc. to Ariel K. Al Warith, $318,450.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15311-D.R. Horton Inc. to Rhonda A. Ford, $320,000.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15318-D.R. Horton Inc. to Linda N. Thomas, $300,000.

Oglethorpe Mill Dr., 6302-Savannah Investors 2 Inc. to Iran Leeroy and Gwendolyn Nesbitt, $563,346.

Steam Mill Farm Dr., 12810-Caruso Bowie 11 Corp. to Mohamed A. Rahim, $520,500.


Newton St., 4015-Stephen A. and Marion Ann Nelson to Orlando A. Perez, $249,900.

41st Ave., 3414-Houses Enterprises Corp. to Satyanarayana Murthy Gunnam, $320,000.


Blacklog St., 6705-Lakimbrelle Clark to Leslie P. and Robin Denise Harris, $205,000.

Capitol Heights Blvd., 19-Reo Corp. to Zarqa Khanum, $150,000.

Cumberland St., 5204-Mohammed N. Shirazi to Racquel A. Bryan and Lola Robinson, $225,000.

Drumlea Rd., 7417-Magus Investments Corp. to Nathaniel Miller, $257,000.

Costa Rica Travel Web : Promoting Tourism in Costa Rica. - avel news

Costa Rica Travel Web : Promoting Tourism in Costa Rica. – avel news | avel news

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Jefferson Heights Dr., 5606-Sami Homes Corp. to Oluwasenun Smith Akinvele, $200,000.

Karen Blvd., 1311-Community Development Administration to Wendy C. and Brian A. Deabreu, $105,040.

Mentor Ave., 704-704 Mentor Corp. to Danielle Carpenter Kramer, $197,000.

Nova Ave., 910-Jose H. Nararro to Chanel A. Washington, $220,000.

Seat Pleasant Dr., 6518-Reginald E. Sellers to Faye Benita Byrd, $160,000.

Sheriff Rd., 5641-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Sheila J. Ramirez, $295,000.

Will St., 4010-Arlette C. Ballenger and Arlette Fletcher to Annakay C. Edwards Brasso, $135,000.


Allendale Dr., 8146-Everfast Homes Buyers Corp. to Celina Y. and Jose A. Moreno, $203,000.

Columbia Park Rd., 6902-Mabel Hailes and the acreage of Renetta Walker to Luis A. Camacho Garcia and Melisa Roxana Alvarado Vasquez, $170,000.

Continental Pl., 9012-Priscilla A. Kates to Julius Esua Fombah, $230,000.

Dutch Village Dr., 1931-K&T Domos Corp. to Angela Copeland, $91,500.

Greenleaf Rd., 7631-Moseley Corp. to Brandon Christopher Heard, $175,000.

Hill Rd., 404-Lloyd and Carol Hermonstine to Shenia D. McGee, $250,000.

Kaplan Ct., 714-Fourth Dimension Properties Inc. to Dionne R. Iyoha, $223,000.

Lombard St. E., 7113-Delores Coleman and Carroll Parker to Gloria Romero Cruz, $175,000.

Old Landover Rd., 6528-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Carlos A. and Dellis A. Segovia, $225,000.

Ray Leonard Rd., 1900-Hema Investment Corp. to Arturo Alfaro, $110,000.

Suiter Way, 7833-Wilnor and Mislie Louis to Lauren Johnson and Joe Ann Brooks, $239,000.

Willow Hill Dr., 7708-Thuy Duyen Thi Nguyen and Thuy Tram Thi Nguyen to Joe Pekanyande, $317,000.


Applecross Dr., 12703-Bank of New York Mellon to Le Quach, $211,000.

Boniwood Turn W., 5208-Anthony and Betania Tait to Kevin Ray Satterfield, $305,000.

Buttons Dr., 9010-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Jacinto O. Belardo, Michael Lopez and Michael Lopez, $242,000.

Crafton Lane, 6704-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Conya Jones, $299,900.

Dewdrop Way, 7002-Branch Banking and Trust Co. to William Dawson, $210,000.

Friendship Rd., 7309-Daimon White to Katrina C. Graham, $330,000.

Glissade Dr., 11305-Julio P. and Lolita L. Ferrer to Robert Wood, $265,000.

Hackberry Ct., 10909-Walter E. and Jamila M. Nelson to Coretta L. Tillman, $444,000.

Lucky Lure Dr., 7707-Jennifer D. Bland to Loreiza J. George, $245,000.

Northgate Pkwy., 6906-Joana and Marshall H. Strickland to Christian and Monique Eze, $349,500.

Piscataway Landing Dr., 12906-Wells Fargo Bank to Binta Jalloh, $325,000.

Regal Ct., 7802-Ricky L. and Trena T. Mack to Ellis and Tracey N. Strickland, $390,000.

Sweeney Dr., 8405-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ellsworth Maurice and Doris Jean Johnson, $525,000.


Branchville Rd., 4709-Joyce L. and John W. Shivers to Lan Yue, $320,000.

Lackawanna St., 5202-Judy H. and Steven C. Novak to Brian Mayers, $270,605.

Radcliffe Dr., 7329-Lester Escobal to Terry L. Savage and Dwight A. Onley, $465,000.

47th Pl., 9808, No. 201-Neil A. Gordon to Jeffrey Jiang and Tsui Lee, $160,000.

52nd Ave., 9603-Cynthia R. Tucker to Ivan Diaz Placido and Jennifer Lily Valle Ibarra, $309,900.


Dynasty Dr., 3125-Michael A. Thompson to Jennifer R. Hall, $215,000.

Hil Mar Dr., 5857-Alexis Wilson to Dieudo Carlos Fouefack, $228,000.

Holly Berry Ct., 6819-David Anderson Jr. to Reginald O. and Shatia Godfrey, $257,000.

Little Hill Lane, 3424-Terence A. and Deborah D. Rountree to Miatta J. Johnson, $238,000.

Newkirk Ave., 3200-Larry McMullen to Darlene Bratcher Johnson, $190,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8631-Valorie M. Price to Kristen Monet Butler, $206,000.

Springdale Ave., 3403-Colette J. Green to Julio C. Pena Martinez, $101,000.

Stoney Meadows Dr., 5510-Kristine D. Brown and William M. Savage to Penny Y. Smith and Gary Bradley, $120,000.

Walters Lane, 3820-Star City Investments Corp. to Calencia Behlin, $206,000.

Wintergreen Ave., 2410-Keyah and Lawrente Boyd to BTZ Corp., $138,000.


Allentown Rd., 9325-Andre and Andre C. Pearson to HSBC Bank USA N. A. and Nomura Home Equity Loan Inc., $151,000.

Bellefield Ave., 7405-DNJH Corp. to Juliette Walker, $310,000.

Buchanan Pl., 1300-Shantal A. Hall to Bessy Y. Arias, Valentin Garcia Castro and Yolitzma Osorio, $300,000.

Dania Dr., 1505-Caruso Builder Hunters Mill Corp. to Kia Charmaine and Justin M. Hunt, $475,337.

Dimrill Ct., 6222-Federal National Mortgage Association to Daniel Robinson and Brandie Jackson, $215,000.

Hickory Dr., 11508-Alison Janet Fernandez Maman and Louel Maman to Jacqueline Nieves, $403,000.

Joe Klutsch Dr., 6240-Justice M. Hasley to Melody Pharom Wilson, $270,000.

Ltc William Hewlett Ct., 7006-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Dana L. Burnett, $494,990.

Poling Ave., 1700-Silvia Anders to Jaime Aaron, $211,000.

Rose Ct., 7405-Cesar A. Mejia Ventura and Edith N. Rivera Fuentes to Ricardo Chavez Arias, $235,000.

Sandy Creek Rd., 9409-Willie M. and Yvette D. Jones to Maurice Gordon Jr., $363,000.

Star Dr. N., 11615-Sidney E. and Margo D. Shorter to James and Elizabeth Gaines, $425,000.


This Week in Travel - Travel News for May 15, 15 - avel news

This Week in Travel – Travel News for May 15, 15 – avel news | avel news

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Fairway Ct., 12006-Roderick and Rebecca Black to Jute K. McFarlane, $335,000.

Glenwood Ct., 6828-Sheldon and Theresa V. Givens to Danny Chandler, $227,000.


Center Dr. S., 5345-Ronald L. and Kathleen C. Kelly to Nancy E. and Kyle R. Dumond, $400,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6982-Gerry Kulluri to Terran Quattlebaum, $90,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6510-Eileen Bradford to Gene Santiago, $176,000.

Mandan Rd., 8003, No. 584-Tamara C. Wooten to Marcus D. Myers and Oriana Y. Williams, $100,000.


Decatur St., 4710-Mary V. Galifaro to Peter Charles Turner, $419,900.

Hamilton St., 3829, No. E-Michelle J. Jones to Ronnie Gutierrez Martinez and Ana Maria Sarmiento Guevara, $143,000.

42nd Ave., 6213-Benedict D. Lipovsky Jr. to Adam D. Barker and Brooke C. Medley, $380,000.

54th Pl., 5005-Anthony M. and Deborah Fontana to Susan Dobbertin, $194,900.


Copernicus Dr., 9412-Bola Rodoye to Adeleye Funsho Fatokimi, $380,000.

Dolphin Rd., 7004-Angela M. Dawkins to Xiong Hui, $296,000.

Heidelburg Rd., 6910-Regina La Prince to Robert H. and Lorna M. Lungern, $290,000.

Kidmore Lane, 7210-Hector A. Amaya and Nely Sosa to Wadener Misidor and Hermila Vilme, $355,000.

Lyle St., 6910-Carol J. Edwards to Marcia Yamileth Romero Monje, Daniel Vladimir Rivas Valdez, Reyna Yessena Martinez Lopez and William G. Espino Marroquin, $325,000.

Polk St., 7918-Harborside Properties Corp. to Bienvenido Astacio Aquino, $279,000.

Reed St., 2901-Sindy Dominguez to Juan Carrillo and Flor De Maria Maldonado, $309,000.

Smithview Pl., 9527-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kathryn Melissa Shaw, $368,000.

Standifer Pl., 2545-D.R. Horton Inc. to Cedric O. Jocktane and Sika Amoussou, $369,000.

Trexler Ct., 6827-Rene T. Taah and Roger C. Momjah to Sylvie N. Fomundam, $294,000.

Wood Glen Terr., 9803-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to David P. Guthrie Sr., $399,146.

Wood Meadow Way, 7407-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to Cynthia Flores and Erik Arias, $339,783.

Woodstream Terr., 7013-John and Valerie Cheatham to Derrick Djuhari and Jasmine Vaughn, $230,000.


Avery Pl., 1002-James Somaram and Preethi Soundararajan to Susana A. Molina, $366,000.

Berrywood Lane, 2800-Tracy B. Underwood to Oludare David Ogunba and Adeyinka W. Adekola, $290,000.

Bolin Terr., 513-Jennifer M. Tambi to Wanda D. Wuilliam, $357,000.

Campus Way S., 10483-Prof 2013 S3 Legal Title Trust II and U.S. Bank to Anne Pelagie Sakou, $159,000.

Claggett Landing Rd., 17605-Tamla M. Kirkland to Richard L. Faltz, $520,000.

Dressage Ct., 2413-Derek Maurice and Sheilita Jones to Lisa M. Ware, $515,000.

Hedge Row Ct., 13212-Teresa A. Scott to Jimmy C. Walker, $340,000.

Minnesota Way, 1316-Deirdre and Anthony Lett to Ngwobia Chinedu and Atola Nnenna Idika, $380,000.

Old Enterprise Rd., 160-Joan H. Walker to Zainab Kamara, $135,000.

Parev Way, 716-Bryan and Monika E. Dowdie to Samuel A. and Samuel Appiah Boadi, $324,999.

Sangerville Cir., 802-NVR Inc. to Angela and Louberta Etienne, $462,700.

Singfield Pl., 306-Jimmye Claire Walker to Reginald Riley, $337,000.

Trebing Lane, 1010-ISA Investments Corp. to Lisa Marie Cheek Wilson, $279,786.


Arbory Ct., 7665-Kent Isaac Colindres to Ramona A. Layne, $217,500.

Ashford Ct., 14802-Spar Corp. to Benjamin B. Shapiro and Alin Voskanian Kordi, $280,500.

Birkhall Dr., 13409-Deneane E. Bell to Genet Talahun, $400,000.

Cherry Lane, 7574-Cheryl L. Jones to Somraj Singh, $205,000.

Courtland Pl., 15019-Octavius Green to Andrew C. Payne, $220,000.

Dorset Rd., 15607-U.S. Bank and Fay Servicing Corp. to Rama Rajaie, $55,000.

Locust Grove Dr., 8415-Navin D. and Harshinda Kathrotiya to Heather A. Merkel, $317,000.

Londonderry Ct., 8134-Rachel Davis and Rachel Graham to Glenda M. and Kodjo R. Dokou, $270,000.

Philip Powers Dr., 1003-Lindsey R. Simmons to Wayne E. Wiggins Jr., $188,500.

Riverbirch Ct., 14109-Oerwaz Aulakh to Rosemary Almaraz, $599,000.

Walker Branch Dr., 6705-Eric B. and Mary Jean Sokolowsky to Leopold and Yossa N. Tchobou, $350,000.

Woodbine Dr., 7512-James Z. and Ramona A. Layne to John R. Travers, $198,000.

10th St., 610-Troy M. Samuels to Arcenia D. and Zachary K. Macklin, $359,000.


Churchfield Lane, 8804-Mohammad Ali Khan to Rosemary R. Harbek and James W. Horwitz, $370,000.

Palmer Pl., 9320-Eylin Orellana to Obiageli Okereke, $230,000.

Snowden Oaks Pl., 8425-Wilson Walker and Jane Harrell Norwood to Akeem R. Niens and Arnoldo Orellana, $174,000.


Newton St., 3407-Vincent Phillips Jr. to Dwayne Brown, $165,000.


Carrollton Pkwy., 8430-Noel Flores to Boris A. Mejia Trinidad and Aura E. Hernandez Liberato, $263,000.

Freeport St., 7017-Elva Marisol Loza to Yudhira A. Santana, $215,000.

Warner Ave., 3938-U.S. Bank and Prof 2013 S3 Legal Title Trust to Herbert Cesar and Adrian Jimenez, $150,000.

89th Ave., 6009-Diana Investments Corp. to Barbara Ann Ferrell, $310,000.

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BTN-share-logo-15×15.png – avel news | avel news

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Addison Dr., 4702-Bryant D. and Michelle A. Pegues to Kelvin F. Hernandez, $255,000.

Crawford St., 715-Essie Janet Ritter to Anthony Williams, $170,000.

Southlawn Dr., 7006-Deutsche Bank to Ever O. Reyes Caceres and Bertha L. Reyes Caceres, $157,049.

Wall Flower Way, 4922-Shanel Butts to Renee Smith, $245,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 561, No. 1-Samuel N. Smith to Angel Bonilla, $45,000.


Longfellow St., 6313-Mary J. and Richard K. Gehring to Genero O. Cisnero and Clara B. Orellana, $230,000.

Woodberry St., 4634-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Michael S. Joyce, $459,205.

Woodberry St., 4702-SM Waterford Acreage Corp. to Scott C. and Valerie H. Benson, $511,965.

64th Ave., 5805-Audrick D. and Valerie A. Brown to Claudia L. Minaya and Willy A. Gamez Donis, $125,000.


Aberdeen St., 3418-TLC Homes Corp. and Minhthu N. Lynagh to Gwendolyn M. Prophet, $300,000.

Carswell Ave., 5330-STK Absolute Acreage Corp. to Tashica Reardon, $277,500.

Howe Ave., 4503-CitiMortgage Inc. to Jose A. Maltez Giron, $195,000.

Randall Rd., 3419-Sherri Y. Jones to Hasan Malik Naeem, $118,000.

Swann Ct., 3805-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Oscar Salvador Pena and Xenia Ruiz Hernandez, $200,000.

Wood Creek Dr., 3517-Ashia D. Fludd to Patrick M. Magiri, $244,000.


Allentown Rd., 6613-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Larry B. and Christine F. Mitchell, $180,000.

Anvil Lane S., 2101-Olutayo Shade Amosu and Satkaa Enterpirses Corp. to Morris Smith Sr., $223,000.

Brinkley Station Dr., 3033-Omid Land Group to Dominique Angelica Crawford, $244,000.

Curtis Dr., 2824-JLB Investments Corp. to Derica Barbour and Jeffrey Butler, $235,000.

Eliot Pl., 2516-KCE Inc. to Angel Alfredo Sorto Hernandez, Nelson Sorto Hernandez, Juan Hernandez and Juan J. Hernandez, $302,000.

Hagan Rd., 5206-SMC Realty Investments Corp. to Ryan Herhold, $315,000.

Iverson Pl., 4900-Sharon M. Grayson Kelsey to Sherria Nicole Tyler, $129,000.

Kernal Lane, 2811-Antonio G. and Maria C. Ataide to Oneyda Yaneth Ventura Nunez, $96,000.

Weldon Dr., 4411-Melvin F. Fox to Kim S. Glover, $270,000.

31st Ave., 3209-Delbara M. Rivers to Charlene B. Miles, $220,000.


Bulletin Way, 3109-NVR Inc. to Ikenna Uzomah, $461,315.

Colburn Terr., 5037-Homecomings Financial Network to Evon Williams, $324,000.

Wells Pkwy., 7200-Patrocinia Estrada and Jimmy A. Hernandez to Ahmad Jamal and Tifiny Nate Harvey, $425,000.

31st Ave., 5606-Mikhan Smith and Glinder C. Taylor to Jose R. Navarro, $200,000.

39th Ave., 6014-Lisa M.C. Wilson to Omar Gonzalez and Sara Nicole Hood, $340,000.


Assyria St., 11610-Patrice D. Richardson to Shakiru T. Oshilaja, $257,650.

Captain Marbury Lane, 13712-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kimberly Lorick, $259,000.

Dappah Ct., 10107-Isonguyo Patricia and Opeyemi Adejumoke Olude to Clarisse M. Mendoza, $479,990.

Dunkirk Dr., 12801-Antwan D. Lucas and Shantae J. Elliott Lucas to Opeoluwa Agboola, $400,000.

Forest Pines Dr., 4811-Monica D. Jackson to Brennen Thomas, $339,990.

Glover Park Dr., 5510-NVR Inc. to Tony G. and Joy P. Mott, $431,890.

Harwich Terr., 4501-Cheryl Ziegler to Kimberly Smith, $267,000.

Ibis Lane, 11013-Emonica G. Jones and the acreage of Earl J. Jones Jr. to Sharon Virginia Roberts, $364,000.

Marsham Dr., 16306-Federal National Mortgage Association to Maurice M. Walker, $280,000.

Narrowood Way, 9504-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Tyrell Antonio Parker and Coleen Suzette Young Parker, $347,358.

Osborne Hill Dr., 6705-Caruso Windsong Corp. and Iota Thirty Corp. to Jonathan Brackett and Ekaterina Crocker, $673,990.

Rectory Lane, 14213-Scott Welch to Robert G. Rudis, $305,000.

Six Forks Dr., 4802-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Obidiah Saking Collier, $3.75 million.

Starting Gate Dr., 5206-Overland Drive Properties Corp. to Candace Boston, $400,000.

Sunningdale Pl., 15512-NVR Inc. to Irving A. and Sandra D. Chew, $418,725.

Sunningdale Pl., 15528-NVR Inc. to Walter Farrell, $424,045.

Thoroughbred Dr., 4310-Toll MD V Partnership to Naomi V. Veney, $539,455.

Varus Pl., 9701-Lorenzo Jennings to Lydia and Franklin Blankson, $350,000.

Woodyard Cir., 9910-Harry N. and Sheryl Jones to Ryan Jones, $265,000.


Connor Ct., 2003, No. 703-Aleta S. Meyer to M. Hyacinth Goodson, $180,000.

Fairlakes Pl., 1415-Miguel A. and Roxana E. Murillo to Alex Earl Jones, $430,000.

Glenkirk Way, 9914-Edward S. Cohn and Stephen N. Goldberg to Fedaral Home Loan Mortage Corp., $338,275.

Jennings Lane, 15212-Mark and Anita N. Brown to Anthony A. Smith, $459,000.

Kingsview St., 12505-Heather Campbell to Maureen Osegbe Owuamanam, Chinemezi Owuamanam and Cordelia Akunwafor, $345,000.

Lady Grove Rd., 2614-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jerry and Cassandra Mabroise, $499,999.

Pleasant Prospect Rd., 12205-Glenn and Mary Ann Jaucian to Vincent D. Turner, $560,000.

Saint Michaels Dr., 1033-Maryland Department of Housing and Urban Development to Brittney Younger, $277,000.

Woodlake Rd., 2726-Deutsche Bank and Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust to Hector Knox, $391,300.

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Adventure Travel Trade Association Industry News, Events, and Profiles – avel news | avel news

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Five Shocking Facts About Avel News | avel news – avel news
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Travel News (@TravelNewsPR) | Twitter - avel news

Travel News (@TravelNewsPR) | Twitter – avel news | avel news

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Travel News – Online travel news for the latest UK travel headlines … – avel news | avel news

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The 15 Milestone Travel News Stories in Skift’s First Year – Skift – avel news | avel news

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Travel news weblog | Holiday consumer advice – plus travel – avel news | avel news

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Travel News – Find Expedia – avel news | avel news

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NI Travel News (@nitravelnews) | Twitter - avel news

NI Travel News (@nitravelnews) | Twitter – avel news | avel news

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Busy - avel news

Busy – avel news | avel news

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