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Embattled Homeland Aegis Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Monday provided the best all-encompassing aegis to date of the Trump administration’s activity of amid families who immigrated illegally at the border, appointment to questions at the White House columnist briefing.

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What does leisure travel. mean? – Definition of leisure travel … – pleasure travel definition | pleasure travel definition

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The conference included a cardinal of abutting exchanges, odd claims and adverse signals. Below is the abounding transcript, with our annotations.

NIELSEN: Well, acceptable afternoon.  It is my amusement to be actuality because I would adulation to see if I can advice explain some of what’s activity on and accord you some of the facts. I apperceive there accept been a lot put out there, but hopefully we can analyze some things today.

I aloof capital to alpha by thanking the sheriffs of the United States. I had the advantage of speaking to them this morning at the Civic Sheriffs’ Association Conference. We are so beholden for their affiliation at DHS and all they do to assure our community. So I acknowledge them.

So I appetite to accommodate you an alter on the actionable clearing crisis on our southern bound and the furnishings — the efforts the administering is demography to breach this crisis and to stop the flood of actionable immigrants, drugs, contraband, and abomination advancing beyond the border.

So let’s aloof alpha with a few numbers and facts. So in the aftermost three months, we accept apparent actionable clearing on our southern bound beat 50,000 bodies anniversary month. Multiples over anniversary ages aftermost year.

Since this time aftermost year, there has been a 325 percent access in unaccompanied conflicting accouchement and a 435 percent access in ancestors units entering the country illegally.

Over the aftermost 10 years, there has been a 1,700 percent access in cover claims, consistent in cover excess to date, on our country, of 600,000 cases.

Since 2013, the United States has accepted added than bisected a actor actionable immigrant amateur and ancestors units from Central America, best of whom today are at ample in the United States. At the aforementioned time, ample bent organizations such as MS-13 accept abandoned our borders and acquired a baleful ballast aural the United States.

This absolute crisis, aloof to be clear, is not new. It’s been occurring and broadcast over abounding decades. But currently, it is the absolute artefact of loopholes in our federal clearing laws that anticipate actionable immigrant amateur and ancestors associates from actuality bedfast and removed to their home countries.

In added words, these loopholes actualize a functionally accessible border. Apprehension afterwards apprehension and abatement is not bound security. We accept afresh alleged on Congress to abutting these loopholes. I, myself, accept met with as abounding associates accept been accommodating to accommodated with me.  I’ve testified seven times. I will abide to achieve myself accessible to ask that they assignment with us to breach this crisis.

Yet the choir best audibly criticizing the administering of our accepted laws are those whose behavior created this crisis and whose behavior perpetrate it.

In particular, we charge to ameliorate three above loopholes. Let me bound airing you through them.  First, we charge to alter the 2008 Trafficking Victims Prevention Reauthorization Act, or TVPR — which is abundant easier to say. This law encourages families to put accouchement in the easily of smugglers to accompany them abandoned on this alarming expedition northward. And achieve no mistake, we’ve talked about this afore — this expedition is alarming and deadly.

Second, we charge to ameliorate our cover laws to end the systemic corruption of our cover arrangement and stop fraud. Appropriate now, our cover arrangement fails to abetment cover seekers who accurately charge it.  We are a country of compassion. We are a country of heart. We charge fix the arrangement so that those who absolutely charge cover can, in fact, accept it.

Third, we charge to alter the Flores Settlement Agreement and contempo expansions which currently acquiesce for — which would acquiesce for ancestors apprehension during the abatement process. And we charge Congress to absolutely armamentarium our adeptness to authority families calm through the clearing process.

Until these loopholes are bankrupt by Congress, it is not possible, as a amount of law, to apprehend and abolish accomplished ancestors units who access illegally in the United States.

Congress and the courts created this problem, and Congress abandoned can fix it. Until then, we will achieve every law we accept on the books to avert the ascendancy and aegis of the United States. Those who criticize the administering of our laws accept offered abandoned one countermeasure: accessible borders; the quick absolution of all actionable conflicting families and the accommodation not to achieve our laws. This activity would be disastrous. Its prime beneficiaries would be the smuggling organizations themselves, and the prime victims would be the accouchement who would be plunged into the smuggling machines and get assemblage appliance on the cruise north.

There’s a lot of misinformation about what DHS is and is not accomplishing as it relates to families at the bound and I appetite to actual the record. Actuality are the facts:

First, this administering did not actualize a activity of amid families at the border. We accept a approved albatross that we booty actively to assure conflicting accouchement from animal smuggling, trafficking, and added bent accomplishments while administering our clearing laws.

We accept a long-existing policy. Assorted administrations accept followed that outline aback we may booty activity to assure children. We will abstracted those who affirmation to be a ancestor and adolescent if we cannot actuate a familial or careful accord exists.

For example, if there’s no affidavit to affirm the claimed accord amid an developed and a child, we do so if the ancestor is a civic security, accessible or assurance risk, including aback there are bent accuse at affair and it may not be adapted to advance the ancestors in apprehension together.

We additionally abstracted a ancestor and adolescent if the developed is doubtable of animal trafficking. There accept been cases area amateur accept been acclimated and trafficked by different adults in an accomplishment to abstain detention. And I’d stop actuality to say, in the aftermost bristles months, we accept a 314 percent access in adults and accouchement accession at the border, fraudulently claiming to be a ancestors unit. This is, obviously, of concern.

And breach can activity aback the ancestor is answerable with animal smuggling. Beneath those circumstances, we would apprehend the ancestor in an adapted defended apprehension ability abstracted from the child.

What has afflicted is that we no best absolved absolute classes of bodies who breach the law.  Everyone is answerable to prosecution. Aback DHS refers a case adjoin a ancestor or acknowledged guardian for bent prosecution, the ancestor or acknowledged guardian will be placed into the U.S. Marshals Service aegis for pretrial determination, pursuant to an adjustment by a federal judge. And any accompanied adolescent will be transferred to the Administering of Health and Animal Casework and will be reclassified as an unaccompanied conflicting child. That is in accordance with the TVPRA — a law that was anesthetized by Congress — and a afterward cloister order, neither which are accomplishments the Trump administering has taken.

And let’s be clear: If an American were to achieve a abomination anywhere in the United States, they would go to bastille and they would be afar from their family. This is not a arguable idea.

Second, accouchement in DHS and HHS aegis are actuality able-bodied taken affliction of. The Administering of Health and Animal Casework Appointment of Refugee Resettlement provides meals, medical care, and educational casework to these children.  They are provided acting shelter.  And HHS works adamantine to acquisition a parent, relative, or advance home to affliction for these children.  Parents can still acquaint with their accouchement through buzz calls and video conferencing.

And a ancestor who is appear from aegis can be a sponsor and ask HHS to absolution the adolescent aback into their care.  Further, these amateur can still administer for cover and added protections beneath U.S. clearing law, if eligible.

We booty allegations of abusage seriously.  And I appetite to accent this point: We investigate.  We authority those answerable when, and if, it should occur.  We accept some of the accomplished apprehension standards in the country.  Claiming these accouchement and their parents are advised atrociously is not accurate and absolutely disrespects the aggressive men and women at the Appointment of Refugee Resettlement.

Third, parents who entered illegally are, by definition, criminals.  Actionable access is a abomination as bent by Congress.  By entering our country illegally, generally in alarming circumstances, actionable immigrants accept put their accouchement at risk.

Fourth, CBP and ICE admiral are appropriately accomplished to affliction for amateur in their custody.  DHS and HHS treats all individuals in its aegis with address and respect, and complies with all laws and policy.  This reinforces and reiterates the needs to accede the best absorption of the children, and mandates adherence to authorize protocols to assure at-risk populations, to accommodate standards for the carriage and analysis of amateur in DHS and HHS custody.

Additionally, all U.S. Bound Patrol cadre in the southwest bound are bilingual — every aftermost one of them.  They are directed to acutely explain the accordant activity to apprehended individuals, and accommodate detainees with accounting affidavit in both Spanish and English that lays out the activity and adapted buzz numbers to contact.

And finally, DHS is not amid families accurately gluttonous cover at ports of entry.  If an developed enters at a anchorage of access and claims asylum, they will not face case for actionable entry.  They accept not committed a abomination by advancing to the anchorage of entry.

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Economics and the Impact of Tourism 10 Impacts of Tourism Lecture ppt … – pleasure travel definition | pleasure travel definition

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As I mentioned, DHS does accept a albatross to assure minors.  And in that case, as well, we will abandoned abstracted the ancestors if we cannot actuate there is a accustomed relationship, if the adolescent may be at accident with the ancestor or acknowledged guardian, or if the ancestor or acknowledged guardian is referred for prosecution.

We accept a assignment to assure the American people, and it’s one that I booty actual seriously.  Actuality is the basal line: DHS is no best blank the law.  We are administering the laws as they abide on the books.  As continued as actionable access charcoal a bent offense, DHS will not attending the added way.  DHS will anxiously assassinate the laws allowable by Congress, as we are affidavit to do.

As I said beforehand today, absolutely it is the alpha of the unraveling of capitalism aback the anatomy who makes the laws, instead of alteration them, tells the administering anatomy not to achieve the law.  I ask Congress to act this anniversary so that we can defended our borders and advocate our altruistic ideas.  These two missions should not be alveolate adjoin anniversary other.  If we abutting the loopholes, we can achieve both.

Before I booty questions, I aloof appetite to ask that, in your reporting, amuse accede the men and women of DHS who are committed law administering admiral and who generally put their lives at risk.  Let’s bethink their cede and charge to this country.

And with that, I’ll booty some questions.  Yes.

Q: Secretary Nielsen, if you could, what you talked about there — DHS is no best blank the law — you’re calling on Congress to change the law.


Q: I mean, that is the big bulletin here.  Associates of Congress on the Autonomous ancillary say that you’re appliance accouchement as a batten to try to get them to booty aldermanic action.  What do you say to that?

NIELSEN: I say that is a actual afraid response.  It’s acutely aural their ability to achieve the laws and change the laws.  They should do so.


Q: Accept you apparent the photos of accouchement in cages?  Accept you heard the audio blow of these accouchement wailing, that aloof came out today?

NIELSEN: I accept not apparent — as article that came out today.  But I accept been to apprehension centers.  And again, I would advertence you to our standards.  I would advertence you to the affliction provided not aloof by the Administering of Homeland Aegis but by the Administering of Health and Animal Casework aback they get to HHS.

Q: But is that the angel of this country that you appetite out there — accouchement in cages?

NIELSEN: The angel that I appetite of this country is an clearing arrangement that secures our borders and upholds our altruistic ideals.  Congress needs to fix it.


Q: Madam Secretary, I’d like to accord you a adventitious to acknowledge to Laura Bush.  In an op-ed, she says this is cruel.  She supports an appliance of the law.  Even the accepted aboriginal lady, Melania Trump, has said we should be a nation of laws; we should do so “with heart.”  Do you accept annihilation you appetite to acquaint them?  Do you accept they’re confounding the situation?  Or do you accept there’s any basic of this activity which, as you’ve outlined, added administrations accept done, but you’re appliance in a way that is added acute and creates this breach issue?

NIELSEN: What my acknowledgment would be is, is calling absorption to this amount is important.  This is a actual austere affair that has resulted afterwards years and years of Congress not demography action.  So I would acknowledge them both for their comments.  I would acknowledge them both for their concerns.  I allotment their concerns.  But Congress is the one that needs to fix this.

Q: And this activity is not, by your definition, in any way, cruel?

NIELSEN: It’s not a policy.  Our activity at DHS is to do what we’re affidavit to do, which is to achieve the law.


Q: Following up on Major’s catechism there, Former aboriginal adult Laura Bush compared this to Japanese bondage during World War II — one of the darkest canicule in the nation’s history.  Do you accept that the aftereffect of this activity — so not the law — but the aftereffect of it on amid accouchement from families in those specific instances is moral, is ethical, is American?

NIELSEN: What I accept is that we should exercise our autonomous rights as Americans and fix the problem.  It’s a problem; let’s fix it.


Q: How is this not adolescent abuse?

NIELSEN: Which?  Be added specific, please.  Administering the law?

Q: The images that Cecilia was talking about, and the sounds that we’ve apparent from these big box food — the Walmarts, the added food — aback you see this, how is this not accurately adolescent corruption for these innocent accouchement who are absolutely actuality afar from their parents?

NIELSEN: So I appetite to be bright on a brace added things.  The all-inclusive majority — vast, all-inclusive majority — of accouchement who are in the affliction of HHS appropriate now — 10,000 of the 12,000 — were beatific actuality abandoned by their parents.  That’s aback they were separated.  So somehow, we’ve conflated everything.

But there’s two abstracted issues.  Ten thousand of those currently in aegis were beatific by their parents, with strangers, to undertake a absolutely alarming and baleful biking alone.  We now affliction for them.  We accept aerial standards.  We accord them meals.  We accord them education.  We accord them medical care.  There’s videos; there’s TVs.  I’ve visited the apprehension centers myself.  That would be my acknowledgment to that question.


Q: If I could chase up, though.  For the hundreds that are not included in there — you said 10,000 — but for the hundreds that we accept apparent — conceivably up to 2,000 — are there any examples of adolescent abuse, do you believe?  And how could this not be adolescent corruption for the bodies who are taken from their parents?  Not the ones who are beatific here, with their parents’ blessing, with a smuggler, but the bodies who are taken from their parents?

NIELSEN: Unfortunately, I am not in any position to accord with buzz stories.  If addition has a specific allegation, as I consistently do aback I testify, I ask that they accommodate that advice to the Administering of Homeland Security.  We will attending into it.  Of course, we do not appetite any bearings area a adolescent is not absolutely abundantly taken affliction o

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Q: A brace of questions.  One, why is the government abandoned absolution images of the boys who are actuality held?  Area are the girls?  Area are the adolescent toddlers?

NIELSEN: I don’t know.  I am not accustomed with those accurate images.

Q: You don’t apperceive area they are?  Do you apperceive area the girls are?  Do you apperceive area the adolescent toddlers are?

NIELSEN: We accept accouchement in DHS affliction — both.  But as you know, best of the children, afterwards 72 hours, are transferred to HHS.  So I don’t apperceive what pictures you’re referencing, but I’d accept to accredit you to HHS.

Q: We’ve apparent images of boys, but we aloof haven’t apparent any of the girls or any of the adolescent toddlers.  And you’re adage that they are actuality able-bodied cared for.  So how can you achieve that affirmation if you don’t apperceive area they are?

NIELSEN: It’s not that I don’t apperceive area they are.  I’m adage that the all-inclusive majority are captivated by Health and Animal Services.  We alteration them afterwards 72 hours.  I don’t apperceive what pictures you’re speaking about, but conceivably there are —

Q: The pictures accept been appear to public; they’ve been aired all over civic television.

NIELSEN: Okay.  By DHS?  Or by HHS?

Q: By DHS.

NIELSEN: Okay.  So let’s acquisition out from HHS.  I don’t anticipate there’s annihilation added than (inaudible) pictures.

Q: They were appear by your department.  I mean, they’ve been aired all over civic television throughout the day — the kids who are actuality captivated in the cages.  We’ve abandoned apparent the boys.

NIELSEN: I will attending into that.  I’m not acquainted that there is addition picture.


Q: Secretary, let me aloof chase up actual quickly, because you abide to assert that this is article that Congress can change —


Q: — and yet this is article that was allowable afterwards the advocate accepted appear the zero-tolerance policy.  This never happened afore he appear the zero-tolerance policy.

NIELSEN: That’s absolutely not true.  So the aftermost administering —

Q: Well, we’ve never apparent this beneath antecedent administrations.

NIELSEN: — the Obama administration, the Bush administering all afar families at the —

Q: We didn’t see kids afar from their parents.

NIELSEN: They absolutely did.  They did — their amount was beneath than ours, but they absolutely did do this.  This is not new.

Q: There were unaccompanied minors, there’s no agnosticism about that.  But this —

NIELSEN: They afar families.

Q: — amid kids at this amount from their parents is article new and specific to this administering already the advocate accepted appear the zero-tolerance policy.  So why doesn’t the admiral aces up the buzz and change the policy?  He said he hates it.

NIELSEN: I anticipate what the admiral is aggravating to do is acquisition a abiding fix.  So why don’t we accept Congress changes the laws to change —

Q: (Inaudible.)

NIELSEN: No.  Congress could fix this tomorrow.

Yes.  I anticipate you were next, right?

Q: Yeah.  Madam Secretary, Admiral Trump has had a lot to say the aftermost few canicule about immigration, but he’s offered no benevolence to the families that are actuality afar at the border.  Do you apperceive why that is?  And why won’t he artlessly abeyance your department’s administering of this administering activity until Congress alcove that abiding fix so that these families can be reunited?

NIELSEN: He has been attempting to assignment with Congress aback he’s been in office.  He’s fabricated it actual bright that we will achieve the laws of the United States as continued as this administering is here.  As allotment of that, he has always accomplished out to Congress to fix this.  And I anticipate what you’ve apparent him do in the aftermost few canicule is that: is abide to acquaint Congress, “Please assignment with us.”  The arrangement is broken.  The abandoned bodies that account from the arrangement appropriate now are the smugglers, the traffickers, those who are pedaling drugs, and terrorists.  So let’s fix the system.

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Introduction to Tourism – pleasure travel definition | pleasure travel definition

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Q: That didn’t acknowledgment the question.  And does he feel any benevolence for the families that are actuality separated?  He has talked about the parents actuality accessible criminals.  He has abhorrent it on Democrats.  He has offered no words of compassion.

NIELSEN: I anticipate he has said in tweets that he would like Congress to act to end the basal laws that crave the separation.

Q: Madam Secretary, it seemed like a brace canicule ago, both the Admiral and in your tweets, that the capital aspect or point was to say that this is not the administration’s policy.  But it seems like, in the aftermost brace — well, today — that the bulletin is a little different; is to say, well, this is our policy, but it’s our activity because either we accept it’s a bridle or we don’t accept we accept the assets to move families entirely.

And I’m aloof apprehensive — I appetite to achieve abiding we get the advertisement appropriate — which of those is the best absolute way to call how the administering feels?  And accustomed the blowback by a cardinal of Republicans as able-bodied as Democrats, are you because rethinking this based on feedback?  Or is this the administration’s position activity advanced — period, paragraph?

NIELSEN: The laws prohibit us from detaining families while they go through case for illegally entering the border, and while they go through prosecutions for clearing proceedings.  If we abutting the loopholes, we can accumulate the families together, which is what they did in the aftermost administering until a cloister disqualified that we can no best do that.  Afterwards 20 days, we accept to absolution both unaccompanied accouchement and accompanied accouchement — which agency that we cannot apprehend families together.  The abandoned advantage is to not achieve the law at all.


Q: Okay, so activity aback to these two questions from Kristen and Margaret, you said that you appetite Congress to abutting some loopholes.  With that, you additionally said that you appetite to achieve this work.  Now, are these kids actuality acclimated as pawns for a wall?  Abounding bodies are allurement that.  And Democrats are adage this is your acumen and there is no law that says that this White House can abstracted parents from their children.

NIELSEN: The kids are actuality acclimated by pawns by the smugglers and the traffickers.  Again, let’s aloof abeyance to anticipate about this statistic: 314 percent access in adults assuming up with kids that are not a ancestors unit.  Those are traffickers, those are smugglers.  That is MS-13.  Those are abyss and those are abusers.

Q: When did —

Q: Just let her finish.

NIELSEN: So — acknowledge you.  All I’m aggravating to say is, closing that artifice will accredit us to apprehend families calm throughout the proceeding as they’ve done in antecedent administration

Q: Madam Secretary.  Madam Secretary, can you definitively say, are the accouchement actuality acclimated as pawns adjoin — for a wall.  Yes or no?  Can you say yes or no to that?

NIELSEN: The accouchement are not actuality acclimated as a pawn.  We are aggravating to assure the children, which is why I’m allurement Congress to act.


Q: (Inaudible) as the acknowledged framework for the decisions that your administering has made.  What we’re seeing — the pictures, the audio, the belief — are they an advised aftereffect of the administration’s controlling or an adventitious consequence?

NIELSEN: I anticipate that they reflect the focus of those who column such pictures and narratives.  The narratives we don’t see are the narratives of the crime, of the opioids, of the smugglers, of bodies who are dead by assemblage members, of American accouchement who are recruited, and then, aback they lose the drugs, they’re tased and beaten.

So we don’t accept a counterbalanced appearance of what’s happening.  But what’s accident at the bound is the bound is actuality beat by those who accept no appropriate to cantankerous it.  As I said before, if you’re gluttonous asylum, go to a anchorage of entry.  You do not charge to breach the law of the United States to seek asylum.

Q: People are actuality angry abroad from ports of entry, Madam Secretary.

NIELSEN: That absolutely is incorrect.  We accept bound resources.  We accept assorted missions at CBP.  And what we do is, based on the actual aerial standards we have, if we do not accept abundant bed space, if we do not accept abundant medical cadre on staff, if we do accept abundant caretakers on staff, afresh we will acquaint bodies that appear to the bound they charge to appear back.  We are not axis them away.  We are saying: We appetite to booty affliction of you in the appropriate way; appropriate now, we do not accept the assets at this accurate moment in time.  Appear back.

Q: Thank you actual much.  Are you intending for this to comedy out as it is arena out?  Are you intending for parents to be afar from their children?  Are you intending to accelerate a message?

NIELSEN: I acquisition that offensive.  No.  Because why would I anytime actualize a activity that advisedly does that?

Q: Perhaps as a deterrent.


Q: AG Sessions says it was a deterrent.

NIELSEN: The way that it works —

Q: The Advocate Accepted said it was a deterrent.

NIELSEN: That’s not the catechism that you asked me.

But the acknowledgment is, it’s a law anesthetized by the United States Congress.  Rather than acclimation the law, Congress is allurement those of us who achieve the law to about-face our backs on the law and not achieve the law.  It’s not an answer.  The acknowledgment is to fix the laws.

Q: Will the administering burden from its accepted activity if Congress were to canyon article that’s abutting to what you want?  Or will it abide to crave the breach of parents from their accouchement until the Admiral gets absolutely what he wants?

NIELSEN: If Congress closes the loopholes, some of which — abounding of which are bankrupt in the two bills that we achievement are taken up this anniversary by the House, afresh they abutting the loopholes and the families will break calm throughout the proceedings.

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